Search engine optimisation

Building awareness around brands with a targeted approach


Bespoke SEO campaigns structured around industry and user base, built upon content marketing, social media marketing and online PR.

With the aim of increasing traffic, increasing visibility and growing brand awareness, all our SEO packages are flexible, campaigns can be up-scaled or downscaled to meet specific requirements.

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Content marketing

We offer continual content marketing, as it is only through the development of new content on a site, that the site will grow in authority.

More authoritative sites perform better in search, our SEO packages make sure momentum is not lost.

Social media marketing

Facebook alone receives around 10 times more traffic than Google – and utilising this platform can be extremely powerful.

We combine further social channels to help form a truly integrated marketing campaign which reaches wider audiences.

Online PR

Similar to a traditional press release, Online PR needs to be captivating, contain unique selling points and needs to be optimised for SEO.

Marketing online press releases creates relevant backlinks which also helps a website to grow in authority.

iPhone showing email marketing design and sign up process using Mailchimp for UK restaurant
social media markeing for solihull salon simon paul hardressing

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