eCommerce Websites

eCommerce that keeps you ahead of your competitors.

eCommerce platforms have come a long way and now only require basic computer knowledge to operate and maintain a website that can potentially hold thousands of stock items.

Our eCommerce websites are designed and built with user journey in mind, and it is this attention to detail that will keep customers coming back for more, letting you compete online with confidence and control.

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ecommerce websites in birmingham and solihull by Forme Creative
web design and graphic design solihull and birmingham

Fully customisable eCommerce

Built for flexibility and growth

Our eCommerce platform can be adapted to fit around your unique business model. So if your business takes a new direction in the future then your eCommerce website is ready to evolve with you – almost anything is achievable. We know that every business is different and we’ve selected our eCommerce platform with this in mind.

web design and graphic design solihull and birmingham

Powerful order management

Track. Analyse. Adapt.

Taking control of your orders couldn’t be easier, all accessible through a single administrator log-in. Generate new orders, modify existing ones and manage shipment statuses with ease.

Automatic notifications are used to keep your customers in the picture from confirmation of order to notice of despatch with tracking information. We believe a simplified approach is the only approach, leaving you free to monitor and act upon emerging browsing and buying trends.

web design and graphic design solihull and birmingham

Product listings

Configure and sell

Building your stock inventory is simpler than you could imagine. Duplicating products maintaining consistency, from single products to items with any number of variations.

Product images are automatically resized for optimum browsing performance and a taxonomy system lets you add products to more than one category – so for example, those designer handbags could fall into “Italian Leather” as well as “Staff Favourites”.

web design and graphic design solihull and birmingham

Retention and Loyalty

Keep your customers coming back

Generate promotions, offers and discount codes to help drive sales. Create campaigns to reward new customers, regular shoppers or even get new products off the ground. Configuration is straightforward and ongoing management is simple, offering multiple ways of building and retaining long-term custom – sell, sell, sell.

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